Aug 23, 2021 · Hawks x Dabi x Reader. Personal headcanon before going to bed so I can go to sChoOl tomorrow.. I feel like there’d just be a common chilling position, Dabi on the bottom, Reader laying; back on Dabi, and Hawks gets a face full of chest on the top lmao, a sandwich with a human, a multipurpose stove, and a half naked chicken.. "/>

Dabi rolled his eyes and Hawks huffed shifting the phone, "Well if that's the case, then fine." Dabi snatched the phone and hung up. You shake your head and rub your eyes wondering why they were now agitated with you, you open the door and let out a squeak seeing Bakugo there. supernatural fanfiction gabriel nephilim. altar box etsy . print vehicle registration colorado. how. May 05, 2021 · Summary: You are an omega that is bonded to two strong alphas, Dabi and Hawks. Your heat is getting closer. But being the nice, people pleaser you are, you try and help someone else that puts you in a difficult position. Alpha Hawks&Dabi X Omega Reader. You were walking back into the lobby of Hawks apartment building after making a quick snack ....

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